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Alligator Basements: Transform Your Basement With Us.

The Alligator Basement System: Our Insulation


Our Alligator panels use EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) that offers high quality insulation. With use of EPS insulation in panel construction, air within the system is permanently trapped. EPS used by Alligator Basement Systems achieves closed cell insulation construction. As the air within the system is permanently trapped, it gives EPS rigidity and prevents any air or moisture leakage.


Since the 1950s, expanded polystyrene (EPS) or beadboard has been used for common household insulation. It is an environmentally friendly material and does not include CFCs or HCFCs – both ozone-depleting chemicals – in manufacturing. In addition to insulation, EPS is also used to make coffee cups and packing peanuts for shipping.


Fiberglass insulation consists of air trapped between strands of molten glass. Its construction can be seen at 10x magnification under a microscope. Fiberglass basement wall insulation can lead to mold formation through air circulation, moisture and a nutrient base. As the cells are not fully enclosed under the open cell insulation, it allows air to enter and escape freely.

With Alligator panels, you can be assured of complete protection from mold damage. As the panels are constructed without any cavity inside the walls, they prevent walls from getting damaged by mold. The lack of cavities prevents moisture from getting inside the panels and ensures beautiful insulated walls. To learn more about mold resistant EPS insulation in your area, contact us today.

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