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Alligator Basements: Transform Your Basement With Us.

The Alligator Basement System: Our Panel

Our basement system panels are the premier option for creating a comfortable and energy efficient basement environment. We use the latest innovative technologies for basement waterproofing to protect your home and create a safe and healthy environment for you and your family. A properly finished basement is built to last a long time and holds up well against harsh weather conditions. Inadequate construction in a basement can result in several destructive water issues, which could lead to the need for expensive demolition and rebuilding.

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Our specialists are experienced in customizing solutions for basement waterproofing to keep your basement dry at all times. Systems are also customized to make your basement an attractive, useable and healthy living space. The basement wall panels are made with magnesium mineral board which is best known for its waterproof and mold-resistant properties.


Let us help you keep your basement dry with our basement waterproofing service. As the most trusted name in the basement waterproofing industry, Alligator Basements is proud to help homeowners get the peace of mind they deserve by protecting their basement from the hazards that result from potential water damage.

With our cutting-edge materials and technology and the expertise of our basement waterproofing expert technicians, we’ll keep your basement protected from water damage for years to come. In addition to peace of mind knowing that your basement will be free from moisture damage and mold growth, you’ll also enjoy the following benefits when you come to us for your NJ basement waterproofing needs:

  • Increase the livable space in your home
  • Protect the investment you’ve made or will make with a remodeled basement
  • Save money by increasing the energy efficiency of your home and thus reducing your energy costs
  • Increase the overall resale value of your home

Whether you’ve remodeled your basement into a den, bedroom, or office, or you simply use it as a storage space, basement waterproofing will help to make sure that your items are safe.

Studies have shown that dangerous black mold can grow in as little as 24-48 hours in the event of excess water damage. With our help, you’ll be able to say goodbye to mold growth for good, as basement waterproofing your home will effectively eliminate any such risk. In addition, you’ll cut down on the amount of basement maintenance you do, as you’ll never again have to ever make an effort to keep your basement dry.

Magnesium Board – Water and Mold Resistant


Magnesium board is known for its durability and mold resistant qualities. The MgO boards are harder than drywall and work like a combination of drywall and cement boards. They can be drilled through and fastened like other building boards. Magnesium is an environmentally friendly and mold resistant construction board that offers both better impact resistance and higher sound attenuate. Alligator Basements wall panels are constructed using magnesium mineral board and are superior to panels made from gypsum, cement, wood or other such materials. New Jersey-based basement waterproofing also removes mold and cleans the basement space before installing the wall panels.

Advantages of Alligator Basement System Panels


  • Fast construction
  • Energy efficient
  • Eliminates insulating and framing
  • Superior structural strength

Benefits of Using Magnesium in Building Materials


Magnesium board is very versatile. It is non-combustible, multi-purpose and ideal for use in building. Its superior structural strength performs better under weather conditions and has less material waste and handling. Magnesium wall panels are energy efficient, resist mold and are highly durable. The magnesium boards used for basement waterproofing in New Jersey provide a comfortable and attractive living environment.

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